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PW's Sports Bar and Grill [2.1m] (Gay Bar/Lounge with Live Entertainment)
Town [15.1m] (Gay Dance Club)
Nellie's Sports Bar [15.1m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
The Dirty Goose [15.2m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Cobalt/30 Degrees Lounge [15.8m] (Gay Bar/Lounge with Dancefloor)
Larry's Lounge [15.8m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Number Nine [15.8m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
DIK Bar [15.9m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Dito's Bar at Floriana [15.9m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
JR's Bar and Grill [16m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Fab Lounge [16m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Green Lantern [16.1m] (Gay Bar/Lounge with Dancefloor)
GLBT Center [16.1m] (Gay Organization)
Fireplace [16.3m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
The Bachelor's Mill [16.8m] (Gay Bar/Lounge with Live Entertainment)
Ziegfeld's and Secret's [17.8m] (Gay Bar/Lounge with Live Entertainment)
The Rowan Tree [18m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
The Drinkery [19.2m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Leons [19.3m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Grand Central [19.4m] (Gay Bar/Lounge with Live Entertainment)
Freddies [19.7m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Club 1722 (Weekend Afterhours) [19.7m] (Gay Dance Club)
Station North Arts Cafe [19.8m] (Gay Coffee Hangout)
Baltimore Eagle [19.9m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Mixers [24.6m] (Gay Bar/Lounge with Dancefloor)

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