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Enigma [5m] (Gay Dance Club)
Mr. Sun's Lucky Star Lounge [5.2m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Quench [5.7m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Oar House Bar and Liquor Store [7.3m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Pepperz Lounge and Liquor Store [7.4m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
The Peninsula Inn and Spa [8.1m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Flamingo Resort [8.4m] (Gay Restaurant/Bar/Lounge with Live Entertainment)
Baxter's Lounge [10.4m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
City Side [10.7m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Pro Shop Pub [12.5m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
2606/Metro [12.9m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
G Bar [14.7m] (Gay Dance Club)
Honeypot [14.8m] (Gay Dance Club)
Bradley's on 7th [14.8m] (Gay Bar/Lounge with Live Entertainment)
Liquid Lounge [14.8m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Reservoir Bar [14.8m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Ybor City Social Club [14.8m] (Gay Bar/Lounge with Live Entertainment)
Hamburger Mary's [14.8m] (Gay Restaurant/Bar/Lounge with Live Entertainment)
The Body Shop [20.6m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Sawgrass Tiki Bar [22.7m] (Gay Bar/Lounge with Live Entertainment)

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