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Townhouse [0.1m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Uncle Charlie's [0.5m] (Gay Restaurant/Bar/Lounge with Live Entertainment)
Therapy [1.1m] (Gay Bar/Lounge with Live Entertainment)
Bamboo 52 [1.1m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Industry [1.1m] (Gay Bar/Lounge with Live Entertainment)
Vodka Soda/Bottoms Up [1.1m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Boxers HK [1.2m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Flaming Saddles Saloon [1.2m] (Gay Bar/Lounge with Live Entertainment)
Posh [1.2m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Atlas Social Club [1.2m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
The Ritz [1.2m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Barrage [1.2m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
9th Avenue Saloon [1.2m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Hardware [1.4m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
HK Hell's Kitchen [1.4m] (Gay Bar/Lounge with Dancefloor)
BPM [1.5m] (Gay Dance Club)
Tool Box [1.8m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Boxers [1.9m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Big Apple Ranch (Saturday) [1.9m] (Gay Dance Club)
Barracuda [1.9m] (Gay Bar/Lounge with Live Entertainment)
Eagle [2m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Elmo [2m] (Gay Restaurant/Bar/Lounge with Live Entertainment)
Beauty Bar [2m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Nowhere [2m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Gym Sports Bar [2.1m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Phoenix [2.1m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
LGBT Community Center [2.2m] (Gay Organization)
Icon [2.3m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Lips [2.3m] (Gay Bar/Lounge with Live Entertainment)
Pieces [2.4m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Easternbloc [2.4m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Cubby Hole [2.4m] (Lesbian Bar/Lounge)
Zig Zag @ Le Bain (Thursday) [2.5m] (Gay Friendly Bar)
Julius' [2.5m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Stonewall [2.5m] (Gay Bar/Lounge with Dancefloor)
Duplex [2.5m] (Gay Bar/Lounge with Live Entertainment)
Boiler Room [2.5m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Monster [2.6m] (Gay Bar/Lounge with Dancefloor)
Marie's Crisis [2.6m] (Gay Bar/Lounge with Live Entertainment)
Cock [2.6m] (Gay Bar/Lounge with Dancefloor)
Lucky Chengs [2.7m] (Gay Bar/Lounge with Live Entertainment)
Bedlam Bar and Lounge [2.7m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Hangar [2.7m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Ty's [2.7m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Henrietta Hudson [2.8m] (Lesbian Bar/Lounge)
Rock Bar [2.9m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Albatross [3m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Suite [3m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Metropolitan [3.3m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Bum Bum Bar [3.6m] (Lesbian Bar/Lounge)
Music Box [4.1m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Club Evolution [4.2m] (Gay Dance Club)
Friends Tavern [4.3m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
True Colors [4.3m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Hombres Lounge [4.6m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Tempo Libero [4.7m] ()
L.I.T.M. [4.8m] (Gay Bar/Lounge with Live Entertainment)
Pint [4.9m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Langston's [5.5m] (Gay Dance Club)
Ginger's [6.1m] (Lesbian Bar/Lounge)
Excelsior [6.6m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Feathers [11.1m] (Gay Bar/Lounge with Dancefloor)
Duval Bar and Lounge [17.2m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Eve Ultra Lounge (Thursdays) [19.1m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Ignite Bar and Lounge [21.5m] (Gay Restaurant/Bar/Lounge with Live Entertainment)

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