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Coco Bongo [6.6m] (Lesbian Bar/Lounge)
Roosterfish [6.7m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Redline DTLA [8.8m] (Gay Restaurant/Bar/Lounge with Live Entertainment)
Plaza [8.9m] (Gay Bar/Lounge with Dancefloor)
Factory [8.9m] (Gay Dance Club)
Abbey [8.9m] (Gay Bar/Lounge with Dancefloor)
The Chapel [8.9m] (Gay Dance Club)
Pump [9m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Mother Lode [9m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Precinct [9m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Rage [9m] (Gay Dance Club)
Fiesta Cantina [9.1m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Micky's [9.1m] (Gay Bar/Lounge with Dancefloor)
Revolver [9.1m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Flaming Saddles [9.1m] (Gay Dance Club)
Trunks [9.1m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Gym [9.1m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Fubar [9.3m] (Gay Bar/Lounge with Live Entertainment)
Gold Coast [9.3m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Hamburger Mary's [9.3m] (Gay Restaurant/Bar/Lounge with Live Entertainment)
Faultline [9.6m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Tempo [9.7m] (Gay Dance Club)
LGBT Center [10.1m] (Gay Organization)
Eagle [10.3m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
4100 Bar [10.5m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Akbar [10.6m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
The Crest [12.6m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Oil Can Harry's [12.8m] (Gay Dance Club)
Club Chico [13.6m] (Gay Dance Club)
Flux Bar [13.7m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
The Bullet Bar [14.9m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Club Cobra [15m] (Gay Bar/Lounge with Dancefloor)
Hamburger Mary's [15.9m] (Gay Restaurant/Bar/Lounge with Live Entertainment)
Executive Suite [16.5m] (Gay Dance Club)
Sweetwater Saloon [16.6m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Falcon [16.8m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Mineshaft [16.9m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
The Brit [16.9m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Silver Fox [17.4m] (Gay Bar/Lounge with Live Entertainment)
IX Tapa Cantina [17.8m] (Gay Friendly Bar)
Ripples [18.7m] (Gay Dance Club)
C. Frenz [19.6m] (Gay Dance Club)
Sababa [19.8m] (Gay Friendly Bar)
Boulevard [20.7m] (Gay Bar/Lounge with Live Entertainment)
Fraternity House [24.6m] (Gay Bar/Lounge with Dancefloor)

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