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Outwest [11.6m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Sonya's Bar [14m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Re Bar [14.5m] (Gay Bar/Lounge with Dancefloor)
Seattle Counseling Service [14.6m] (Gay Organization)
Eagle [14.7m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
The Crescent [14.7m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Gay City [14.7m] (Gay Coffee Hangout)
R Place [14.8m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
The Lookout [14.9m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
CC Attles [14.9m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Neighbours [15m] (Gay Dance Club)
Lifelong AIDS Alliance [15m] (Gay Organization)
Wildrose [15m] (Lesbian Bar/Lounge)
Julia's on Broadway [15.1m] (Gay Restaurant/Bar/Lounge with Live Entertainment)
Queer Bar [15.1m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Pony [15.2m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Cuff Complex [15.2m] (Gay Dance Club)
Madison Pub [15.2m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Diesel [15.2m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Lambert House [15.4m] (Gay Organization)
Changes [15.4m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
The Mix [23.3m] (Gay Bar/Lounge)
Bostwick Tully's Coffee [23.4m] (Gay Coffee Hangout)
Club Silverstone [23.4m] (Gay Dance Club)
The Rainbow Center [23.5m] (Gay Organization)
Pacific Grill [24m] (Gay Restaurant/Bar/Lounge with Live Entertainment)

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